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For over 30 years Rock & Roll music dominated the airwaves of America and reflected the mood and energy of the nation.

In today’s world of packaged formats and automated radio stations, fans of real rock & roll find it impossible to enjoy the songs that were a soundtrack for their lives.

WQMV has developed a format that features the best of the entire rock & roll era. WQMV plays songs from 1955, the year that the first rock & roll song charted, to the 80s when the rise of the urban sound and modern country became a more profitable format for stations and record labels.

WQMV not only plays the top songs from each of the years of the rock era but we also play the songs that you remember but maybe they didn’t make a huge impact on the sales charts. We invite you to listen to WQMV and we can guarantee you will enjoy getting to hear once again the songs that played such a part in your life and relive the memories that they inspire.

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Heard it on the Radio
By Austin Taylor

The last military invasion of America by the British occurred in 1814 when troops landed just outside New Orleans.  150 years later the American record charts found themselves under assault by a British invasion of the rock & roll world. The year 1964 is universally seen as the beginning of the British invasion of American music. Out of the five top selling records of that year, four belonged to English groups; three were Beatle releases and the sole American artist was a 28 year old former songwriter named Roy Orbison whose “Oh, Pretty Woman” would sell over seven million copies and be ranked the second best seller. For the entire year of 1964, the cream of American rock artists found themselves blocked from reaching the top ten by a flood of young British artists. 

In this youth drenched background, it is unusual to find that during the week of November 14, 1964, two artists who are pushing 50 years of age are holding spots in the top ten of the Hot 100.  According to that week’s Cashbox Top 100, 49 year old actor Lorne Greene was holding down the #9 spot on the charts with the spoken word song “Ringo”. The Canadian born Greene was in his fifth year of playing Ben Cartwright on the mega TV western hit “Bonanza”. Like so many TV actors of the early 60s, he took advantage of his star status to cross over into the music world.  He recorded several albums of western/folk songs that initially weren’t well received and his first record label dropped him. However, after being signed to the RCA Label his luck changed. Wanting to take advantage of Greene’s familiarity with his TV fans, they began referring to his hit show in his LP titles starting with the Christmas release “Christmas on the Ponderosa” an album full of yuletide songs. The first release “Ringo” from his second western themed album called “Welcome to the Ponderosa” earned Greene his top ten ranking on the November 1964 chart. Three weeks after being released, “Ringo” moved into the top ten on its way to reaching number one. To the amazement of most music insiders, the country sounding spoken word tune raced up the Hot 100 charts to take the #1 spot during the first week of December 1964, bumping the English group the Zombies out of the top spot. It also reached the top of the Easy Listening chart staying there for six straight weeks. “Ringo” even reach #21 on the country charts.

On the same Cashbox chart, sitting at #8 is an artist who started charting singles in 1948 but after being off the charts for five years he returned to the Hot 100 by doing the impossible early in 1964. Dean Martin was never a fan of rock music but when the Beatles stormed the music charts in 1964, he was incensed at not only their music but also their dress and what he saw as their lack of professionalism.  When he found out that his son Dean Paul was a huge fan he told the fourteen year old that, “I'm gonna' knock your pallies off the charts”. Shortly afterward, he released “Everybody Loves Somebody” that raced up the charts and on August 15, 1964 knocked the Beatles’ “A Hard Day's Night” out of the #1 spot on the Hot 100.  Three months later the 48 year old Martin proved it wasn’t a fluke when he returned to the top ten with “The Door Is Still Open to My Heart”.  The song would eventually peak out on the Hot 100 charts at #6 but just like Martin’s earlier release it would reach the top spot on the Easy Listening chart staying there for one week. 

Unfortunately, for the parents of teenagers in 1964 it wouldn’t take long for the rock & roll world to right itself. Soon the young British bands regained control of the U.S. music charts and by early 1965 young American bands began returning to the top ten.  Lorne Greene would never return to the top ten of the Hot 100 and Dean Martin would only have one more top ten hit before dropping out of the top 40 for good in 1968.  I sometimes wonder if they were still with us today how Greene and Martin would react to the fact that Rod Argent of the Zombies turned 70 this year and that Paul McCartney turned 73, Ringo Starr is 75, and their music is all but forgotten by the age group they once ruled. 

Luckily, their music hasn’t been forgotten on AM 1060 and you can hear the best of Dean Martin, Lorne Greene, the British invasion, and the American Rock & Rollers every day on WQMV AM 1060 or you can stream our programming by going to our website at wqmv1060.com where the best of the rock and roll era plays.

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