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For over 30 years Rock & Roll music dominated the airwaves of America and reflected the mood and energy of the nation.

In today’s world of packaged formats and automated radio stations, fans of real rock & roll find it impossible to enjoy the songs that were a soundtrack for their lives.

WQMV has developed a format that features the best of the entire rock & roll era. WQMV plays songs from 1955, the year that the first rock & roll song charted, to the 80s when the rise of the urban sound and modern country became a more profitable format for stations and record labels.

WQMV not only plays the top songs from each of the years of the rock era but we also play the songs that you remember but maybe they didn’t make a huge impact on the sales charts. We invite you to listen to WQMV and we can guarantee you will enjoy getting to hear once again the songs that played such a part in your life and relive the memories that they inspire.

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Heard it on the Radio
By Austin Taylor
Successful duets are a rarity during the rock & roll era, but the month of May has always seemed to enjoy a large number of them sitting at the top of the charts.  Duets have always been special and this article will focus on four songs and how they affected the lives of the artists who performed them.  In fact, one song took a father and daughter to the top of the charts, another brought a duo back to the charts after eleven years, a third turned a successful pair of European artists into U.S. one hit wonders and the final duet gave an artist an international runaway solo hit.

On May 6th, 1967 a very odd occurrence takes place on the charts. A song reaches the number one spot for the second time.  “Something Stupid” a duet featuring the father and daughter team of Frank and Nancy Sinatra first reached the top of the Cashbox charts during the first week of April holding the spot for two weeks before being pushed out by the Monkees’ release “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You”.  The song “Something Stupid” was first recorded by the husband and wife team of Carson and Gaile Parks as part of their 1966 album San Antonio Rose but it was never released as a single. However, the song did come to the attention of Frack Sinatra. Sinatra played the song for his daughter’s record producer Lee Hazlewood asking his opinion about recording a cover of it. Hazlewood’s response was, “I love it, and if you don't sing it with Nancy, I will.” The song did draw criticism from critics who felt the song’s subject matter was inappropriate for a song released by a father and daughter.  The record buying public on the other hand loved the song. Two weeks after losing the top spot on the charts, fans bought enough copies to return it to the number one position.  The duet earned Frank and Nancy a gold record and they hold the distinction of being the only father and daughter to record a number one hit together.

On May 5th, 1979, eleven years after the original Peaches and Herb broke up, the song “Reunited” helps the newest edition of the group score a number one hit.  The act that became known as Peaches and Herb actually began as a trio billed as the Sweet Things.  When the group found little success, the label tried recording each of the female members of the group individually with the male member Herb Fame. When the duo of Francine Hurd and Fame scored a minor hit, their record label paired them and christened them Peaches and Herb. They began charting hits in 1966 with the number eight hit “Close Your Eyes”.  After two years, Hurd retired to raise a family and a new Peaches was teamed up with Herb and the act continued.  In 1970, Herb Fame left the music business to join the Washington D.C. police force.  After six years in uniform, Fame decided to return to music and on the advice of Van McCoy he teamed with Linda Greene and re-launched Peaches and Herb. Their fourth release “Reunited”, struck gold and spent four weeks at the top of both the R&B charts and the Hot 100.  Peaches and Herb continues to perform, however, over the years seven women have appeared as Peaches with Herb Fame. 

On the same day that Peaches and Herb were taking the top of the Cashbox Top 100 charts, the song “Stumblin’ In” is peaking out at number five for an ex-patriot American artist and an English glam rocker.  One-half of the duo singing “Stumblin’ In”, Suzi Quatro was born in Detroit, Michigan and in 1971 at the age of 21, she moved to England to work with record producer Mickie Most. The team put together a string of hits in England and Europe but never managed to break into the American market.  The other half of the duo was Chris Norman who had been the lead singer for the English rock band Smokie and was currently serving as the lead singer for the glam rock band Bradford.  Like Quatro he had only found success in Europe.  Record producer Mike Chapman, who had been helping English groups score U.S. hits since the late 60s and would be the driving force behind Blondie, came up with the idea of teaming Norman and Quatro. He wrote the song “Stumblin’ In” for the duo and produced it with the idea of helping the two-artists break into the American market. Quatro was counting on her successful appearance on the sitcom “Happy Days” as Leather Tuscadero to help jump start her singing career in the states. Unfortunately, “Stumblin’ In” would only end up making both artists one hit wonders in America despite their continuing success overseas.

Our final May song is found sitting in the top spot on the Cashbox charts for May 3rd, 1986. Robert Palmer had long been an admirer of soul singer Chaka Khan and had written the song “Addicted To Love” with the idea of performing it as a duet with her. The two met at of the Compass Point Studios, in Nassau, Bahamas to record the song. Everyone was pleased with the result and Palmer’s producer Bernard Edwards called it his best studio performance. The energy of Khan’s effort had brought out a powerful side to Palmer’s vocals. The session was considered to have produced a solid hit! Then the roof fell in when Khan’s record label refused to allow her voice to be used on the Palmer release. Not wanting to lose Palmer’s outstanding performance, Edwards went to work and removed all of Khan’s vocals from the song. The song was released in January of 1986 and quickly proved to be one of Palmer’s fastest rising songs.  “Addicted To Love” became an international hit, gave Palmer his only U.S. number one hit, and earned him his first gold record. Khan’s contribution wasn’t forgotten. She was credited with providing the vocal arrangements for the song on the album’s liner notes.  During the run up the charts, Edwards was quoted as wondering if the song would have done any better if it actually had been released as a duet.

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